About Us

Handmade, original design, genuine leather.

Hahamoo makes high quality, soft and comfortable handmade leather shoes for women. Mainly casual daily walking shoes. The price is anyone can take it. Our shoes are very suitable for students, office ladies, teachers, mothers, expectant mothers and anyone who loves soft comfortable shoes.

Last, leather material, sole and craftsmanship determine the comfort of the shoes. We select the best leather for thickness, shine and feel. We make many typographical adjustments before tailoring the leather and constantly tweak the shoes. Hahamoo special soles ensure flexibility, each shoe is fixed by experienced craftsmen. If you look closely, you will see that the color of the line, the radians of the heel and head, the texture of the leather are different for many brands.

Thank you for the gift of nature. We value materials, try our best to make each shoe good and don't waste leather.

Welcome to contact us:support@hahamoo.com